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User Roles and Permissions in Spiff

Ever wonder what each role can do within Spiff? We have a handy User Roles and Responsibilities chart in Spiff University. If you do not yet have access to Spiff University, you can also access it here.

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 2.18.48 PM.png

(Preview of the User Role Table)

Spiff allows you to give 7 different roles to your users. Each of these roles enables users to perform different actions. Roles are assigned by a user with either the Spiff Support or Company Admin role by going to Admin -> Users, and clicking on a user to bring up their profile.

Other than updating the role in the user profile, you can also specify a role when manually uploading your users. The exact name of the roles used when uploading users are listed below.

  • manager
  • representative
  • editing_manager
  • finance (note: this name refers to the "Finance Manager" role)
  • company_admin
  • deactivated
  • it_support

Notes on deactivated users: 

  • For users using SSO, deactivating users must be done through the SSO provider. 
  • A status of "deactivated" means that the user will no longer have access to Spiff.  Statements for deactivated users, however, will still continue to be created and calculated.  To stop calculating statements for a specific user, you can add an Effective End Date to that users' Plan Assignment(s).