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3 Action Items for Today’s CFO

I came across a whitepaper today that talks through 3 items that are changing the way CFOs operate.  "The economy may be recovering, but inflation is at record levels, interest rates are rising, the labor shortage persists, and conflict in Europe pro...

6 Areas CFOs Should Support to Build Business Resilience

Yet another good read from CFO.com. This article focuses on areas where CFO's need to focus to continue to be resilient after Covid-19 and with all of the changes in the economy. "Being resilient means being able to recover from or adjust quickly to ...

7 Core Skills of Great CFOs

Another good article from CFO.com this week that talks about how a CFO's role has changes since Covid-19. Spiff can help CFO's in each of the areas listed in the article. “CFOs should be thinking about how they can build a tech stack that will help t...

Growing Pains: Stuck on Excel

I am signed up for a weekly newsletter from cfo.com. This week's article talks about some of the drawbacks of using Excel as companies grow. It has some very good info that we should consider when talking with CFO's or Finance Managers in larger comp...

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