Thank You For Your Support

Spiff Community! We have some news to share. Following the milestone acquisition of Spiff by Salesforce, we’ll be making some changes. On May 1, 2024, Spiff Community will be shutting down. But not to worry! Salesforce has plenty of opportunities to help you get involved, learn more and stay connected! Below are some great steps to get you started: Join the Saleblazer Community: The Salesblazer Community is the perfect spot for sales pros to hang out, chat (or in our case – DM), and work together in real-time. From sales hacks to job leads, sales stories to whatever else comes up, we’ve got all the good stuff you need to thrive in sales! With the Salesblazer Community you can: Say Hello to Salesblazers: Make a new friend or maybe even bump into an old one! Connect with new jobs and opportunities: we update the jobs channel regularly. Ask a question: visit our #ask-a-salesblazer channel to chat with sales pros. Join the conversation Take the quest!