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Effective Comp Plans - Spiff Blog Post


I do a good deal of sharing information from Spiff on LinkedIn. The blog post that @mollyaclarke put together has been a great way to start conversations about what the Spiff platform can offer and has generated many interactions. The Psychology of An Effective Compensation Strategy [Infographic] | Spiff


Having been is sales/sales leadership for over 20 years this blog really hit home for me. My comp plans changed yearly, and it left me and my coworkers always wondering what the next plan is going to look like. Frankly, it caused many of my prior contacts to move on to a new role due to the uncertainty.


Having a solid compensation plan in place not only motivates sales reps, but it can help with employee retention. It costs an organization a great deal of money, time, and other resources to onboard and get a new person up and running. Not to mention all the knowledge (and in some cases pipeline) that leaves when a salesperson choses to move on.


Check out the link I posed above. It has so much valuable information as companies look for ways to combat the "great resignation". Many organizations need help in coming up with fair, easy to understand compensation plans. On top off all the value Spiff bring to the table, we also have many team members who are experts in this area.