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Honoring the Women Who Have Come Before ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป

Community Manager
Community Manager

At Spiff, we think of ourselves as lucky. Especially now, during Womenโ€™s History Month.

We looked no further than our own team members to learn why womenโ€™s history is so important to highlight, recognize, and celebrate. After spending time with four of our global leaders recently, we learned why the women from years past are so key to who we are today.

Mindy Tolbert is an Executive Assistant at Spiff, but worked for 20 years at a credit union, then balancing two stay-at-home jobs after her son was born. Sheโ€™s glad she made that switch, too. Leading by example is absolutely crucial in raising children, she says. 

When asked whatโ€™s been key to her career success, she says, โ€œI hope I have taught โ€” and continue to teach [my kids] โ€” the importance of working hard but always putting family first.โ€

Reflecting on the importance of this month, Mindy was quick to quote poet and activist Maya Angelou, who said โ€œMaking a living is not the same thing as making a life.โ€

Womenโ€™s History Month is a necessary reminder. 

โ€œAs women, we know what other women have achieved, and it expands our sense of what can be possible,โ€ Mindy said.

Thatโ€™s an opinion echoed by Nat Gorton, a Senior Project manager on Spiffโ€™s enterprise team. Located in the beautiful village of Crick in the heart of England, Nat says she is particularly inspired by Virginia Woolf and for many reasons. 

โ€œVirginia Woolf did not have an easy life but she was a trailblazer,โ€ Nat says. โ€œShe was emphatically โ€” even authentically โ€” herself.โ€

Womenโ€™s history is important to learn about because itโ€™s just so hidden otherwise.   

โ€œWe have to recognize where weโ€™ve come from. Think of the famous women from history who had to fight to make their voices heard and make a difference,โ€ Nat says. โ€œThink of all of the other amazing women in the world that we know nothing about.โ€

As a New York City-based Social Media Specialist at Spiff, Yasmine Yacut has been inspired by meeting amazing women both before and after she started working here. They have helped shape her career since her first day.

Others helped her before she started at Spiff, helping lay the groundwork of who she has become. Asked about the woman whoโ€™s inspired her the most, Yacutโ€™s answer comes easily: her mother.

โ€œShe moved to this country from East Africa and had to go through so much in her life to make it here,โ€ she says, offering that her mom speaks eight foreign languages. โ€œIโ€™m first generation and so thankful for my many opportunities and for my momโ€™s constant support. Sheโ€™s one of the strongest women I know and Iโ€™ll always look up to her.โ€

โ€œ[This month] is a time for a call-to-action and it connects people from around the world,โ€ she says. โ€œItโ€™s a time to celebrate activists and raise awareness of their work and the challenges they face.โ€

Flor Moya, a Project Manager with Spiffโ€™s implementation team who lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has her own unique take on why this month is important.

It has everything to do with strength and resilience. 

โ€œWomenโ€™s history is what has led to where women are now,โ€ Flor says. โ€œEvery advantage or privilege we enjoy was another woman's fight. I think we need to honor that and keep working towards equality in every aspect of society, for us and the women who come after us.โ€

At Spiff, we acknowledge that despite the progress we've made as a society towards equality, women - particularly underrepresented minority women - still face unconscious bias and discrimination in the workplace. And, as an organization we know that while there is a lot to celebrate, we also realize there's more work to be done.

We appreciate the women we work with and those who are leading the way for future generations. We stand with those who fight against the harmful ideals and systems that continue to negatively affect women today. Let's continue to work together towards a more equitable future.