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Community Feedback


What we're looking for:  You are more than free to share any feedback you choose, just make sure to follow community guidelines, stay respectful, and stay on track. However, we're happy to provide some prompts for discussion should you need them!

  • What do you like about our community?
  • What do you feel could be improved?
  • What brought you here?
  • What are you looking to get out of our community?
  • What are some other communities you enjoy? What do you enjoy about them?

Thank you in advance for your feedback, we hope you enjoy this space as much as we've enjoyed creating it!

If you need any further guidance in community, be sure to visit our community guide and FAQ page.



I really like the setup of the community. It is easy to navigate.


It would be cool to see how different companies write/structure their comp plans in order to drive behavior and revenue. I frequently get asked for examples and best practices on this subject, and I usually just share my own experiences.

Completely agree! I have clients ask for that fairly regularly. Would be nice to put together a webinar with current clients on how they've structured their comp plans for success, then perhaps convert the top tips there into a graphic we could share here in Community. 

Webinar sounds like a great idea! I will put some feelers out and let you know what I hear. Thanks!