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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello and welcome to your new Spiff community!

We've been working hard to build out a space for you to engage, get the support you need, network, and (hopefully) have a little fun in the process! From forums, to blogs, to idea exchanges, to so much more, we're working nonstop to provide you an outlet to share your experiences with Spiff and sales commissions, while at the same time learning about our platform and this industry.

Note: though this community is public by default, it is primarily intended for Spiff customers, partners, and employees as users with those designations will find the most value in our closed categories found in the top navigation. General public users will not be able to access these areas.

What you can expect going forward from the community blog is threefold.

  • A detailed community roadmap of upcoming features and enhancements developed by the community team but also requested by you, the community user base.
  • A transparent changelog any time we have a new version of community released or a redesign.
  • Monthly and yearly performance metrics showcasing which areas and features of community are most popular, and which ones could use a little more love.

In the meantime, be sure to check out the following links to get familiarized with our platform!