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Community Manager
Community Manager

As part of the Spiff customer community journey, we want to make it easy for our users to provide us their thoughts during their Spiff community experience. In addition to being able to private message our team of admins or emailing us at community@spiff.com, we've enabled the use of a native survey tool which will allow us to get direct feedback from you and how you're finding the experience so far.

We've integrated quantitative, as well as qualitative, questions which allow you to let us know what you were looking for, if you were successful in finding what you needed, how you rate your community experience, and more.

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 1.27.13 PM.png

The survey is triggered upon your seventh visit to the community and after 90 seconds of your visit. If you miss out the first time, not to worry! The survey will trigger again after 75 days so feel free to provide your thoughts then if you'd like.

As always, our mission to keep improving is dependent on you, our community members, so any and all feedback is more than welcome - thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!