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The Spiff community idea exchange is your direct connection to the product team that makes the Spiff software as powerful as it is. With the idea exchange you'll be able to seamlessly post your requests for enhancements and, through the power of the community, gather support for your ideas for enhanced visibility in this space.

When an idea is posted according to community guidelines, a product team member will review it for viability and will update the status of the idea as soon as possible.

How to post an idea
To start, make sure you're logged into your community account and visit this page to access the Idea Exchange. Once you're in the Idea Exchange, click the Suggest an Idea button. Enter a subject in the Idd-ea Subject field and the content of your idea in the Body field, add a label, his the Post button and that's it! Your idea has been submitted!

Idea Statuses
Once an idea has been submitted, any of six potential statuses can be applied to it upon review by the Spiff product team.

  • New: this idea has been recently posted and has not been reviewed by the Spiff team yet, increase its visibility by voting on it with your kudos.
  • Needs info: check for follow-up comments by the Spiff team, or other community users, as additional details or clarification on the idea might be needed.
  • Investigating: the idea is being reviewed by the Spiff team to determine how it fits into the product roadmap, be sure to check back for additional updates once an idea receives this status.
  • Accepted: great news as the idea has been deemed viable and work to implement it has begun (please note that this is subject to change at the discretion of the Spiff team).
  • Declined: unfortunately, the idea is either not viable or has not garnered enough support but we will do our best to explain why this is so and if it might be revisited in the future.
  • Delivered: the idea has been implemented and we've gone live with the changes in the platform.

Idea Exchange Best Practices

  • Include as many details in your idea use case to help us best understand the ask and how we can best implement a solution.
  • Explain what benefits would come from implementing this idea.
  • Be sure to label your idea accurately and responsibly.
  • Are you currently using any temporary solutions that would be eliminated with the implementation of this idea?
  • Encourage other users to vote on your idea and provide their own commentary, remember: the more popular your idea, the more visibility it will get with the Spiff team.

For more help with Idea Exchange, please visit our FAQ page.