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What is your favorite Spiff feature update? I'll start with sharing mine!


There have been so many new features that have been released over time, especially recently with enhancements to Mass User Management, Tickets, Hidden Plans, and Enhanced Guided Rollups just to name a few. My favorite new release has been around the enhancements to Custom Reports...I am so excited that we not only can create these report exports within Spiff, but also now can sticky filter, sort, group and pivot within Spiff before exporting! The downloadable file retains everything that was applied within Spiff to that report, along with an added sheet of the data in it's unfiltered state.

What are your favorite new releases and why? Would love to have you share as a reply some of the updates that you have been excited to see.

You can also share any of your own feature enhancement ideas under the Spiff Launchpad > Product Idea Exchange forum, and there is an upcoming webinar you can register for on April 20th that highlights some of the newest releases within Spiff.


I'll jump on the custom report hype train as well!! Row grouping is SO COOL and easy to use.

But aside from that the Errored statements card on the main commissions page, with the corresponding table is so useful. The recommended action link is a game changer, as error messages used to be gnarly and hard to comprehend, so little updates like these go a long way and help error troubleshooting seem slightly less overwhelming 🙂 



Love that Alyssa, thanks for sharing! I could not agree more, and that deep link to where the action needs to take place to resolve the error saves so many clicks now.