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Sustaining Employee Morale and Productivity When Finances Are Tight


We all know that budgets are tight, and it may get even tighter at the start of 2023. The article referenced below in this post gets into a few key areas on how CFO's are keeping their sales force motivated/happy...which keeps them from looking for a new role somewhere else. 


Spiff can provide the transparency needed to ensure that leadership can keep their top sales talent engaged. This is important because each year U.S. businesses lose over a trillion dollars to voluntary turnover. "While compensation is an integral factor in retention, leaders must show their best employees why they should stay". - Scott Dussault - CFO at Workhuman


I have worked with a recruiter for the past few years, and he has some strong feelings on this topic as well. "Transparency is key, not only for attracting but retaining talent— and not just your top talent, your mid-tier talent as well". - Matt Lewers  - Director Of Client Services at Blueprint Expansion


Spiff is a must have for companies that strive to grow and be profitable. It not only helps with retention, but also with reporting...and helps bring trust and transparency to the entire sales process. 


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Article - Sustaining Employee Morale and Productivity When Finances Are Tight (cfo.com)


Chuck Reigrut