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For CFOs/Finance...Digital Transformation Requires Letting Go


Another good read about CFO's and the use of technology in their businesses. "Finance will have to learn to trust technology more and obsess over data accuracy less, say Gartner analysts."


“CFOs tend to see technology as a tool but rely on people to make decisions,” said Gannon. “Even when the evidence shows that technology makes better or more accurate decisions, people are still reluctant to trust it.” 


For CFOs, Digital Transformation Requires Letting Go


Community Manager
Community Manager

Good insight, @creigrut! Trust is so important here. I think trusting in the sellers, customer support, company's mission, etc. can further help you trust "technology". 

I totally agree @BredaH. Building trust early is key to creating a solid, lasting relationship. 


If we go out of my way to help prospects, they understand that they will get the same level of service from any of the departments they work with at Spiff. 


My first mentor told me...."if you do something right, your prospect/customer will tell 1 person, if you do something wrong, they will tell 10 people". I have never forgotten that over the last 20 years, and it has helped me tremendously.