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3 Action Items for Today’s CFO


I came across a whitepaper today that talks through 3 items that are changing the way CFOs operate. 


"The economy may be recovering, but inflation is at record levels, interest rates are rising, the labor shortage persists, and conflict in Europe promises to add to ongoing supply chain challenges. CFOs are in a unique position to assume more strategic responsibility and take a more significant leadership role, mobilizing their financial acumen and insight to confidently guide their organizations through uncertainty and into a brighter future. 

In this whitepaper, we take a closer look at three priorities that CFOs need to reconsider their approaches to, including:

  • Getting creative with cash management 
  • Approaching wage and workforce management proactively
  • Undertaking continuous scenario planning"

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One area stuck out to me the most and it has been a common theme I have seen in the past few months. CFOs and Leadership understand the importance of automation now more than ever.  "Expand automation. For several decades, manufacturing occupations were the most likely to be automated. But in recent years, routine office jobs have become the most likely candidates for
automation, Levanon says. While automation may be a relevant solution across the company, it can be particularly helpful for financial offices to better manage a labor shortage."


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